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1800 Election

The 1800 United States presidential election was the fourth quadrennial presidential election, from Oct. 31 to Dec. 3. It is sometimes referred to as the “Revolution of 1800” since the Democratic-Republican Party candidate, Vice President Thomas Jefferson, defeated the incumbent president and Federalist Party candidate, John Adams. This election marked a significant political shift, ushering in a generation of Democratic-Republican leadership. This was also the first presidential election in American history to feature a rematch between candidates.

Thomas Jefferson, President; Aaron Burr, Vice President

Name of candidate Total
Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia *73
Aaron Burr, of New York *73
John Adams, of Massachusetts 65
Charles C. Pinckney, of South Carolina 64
John Jay, of New York 1
Total electoral vote 138
*There being no choice for President by the people, the election devolved upon the House of Representatives, and February 17, 1801, Thomas Jefferson was chosen by the votes of ten States, to four for Aaron Burr, and two blank.


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