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1788 Election

George Washington. (Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

The United States presidential election of 1788-89 was the first presidential election held under the new constitution. It occurred from Dec. 15, 1788, to Jan. 7, 1789. George Washington was unanimously elected the first president, and John Adams became the first vice president. This was the first national presidential election in American history and the only one that spanned two calendar years without a contingent election.

George Washington, President; John Adams, Vice President

Name of candidate Total
George Washington, Esq 69
John Adams, Esq 34
Samuel Huntington, Esq 2
John Jay, Esq 9
John Hancock, Esq 4
Robert H. Harrison, Esq 6
George Clinton, Esq 3
John Rutledge, Esq 6
John Milton, Esq 2
James Armstrong, Esq 1
Edward Telfair, Esq 1
Benjamin Lincoln, Esq 1
Total electoral vote 69

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