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Moondog Matinee

“Moondog Matinee” is The Band’s fifth studio album, released in 1973.

Unlike their previous albums, which primarily featured original compositions, “Moondog Matinee” is a collection of cover songs paying tribute to The Band’s musical influences. The album is named after Alan Freed’s Moondog Coronation Ball, one of the earliest rock and roll concerts.

The tracklist for the 1973 album is:

  1. Ain’t Got No Home (Clarence “Frogman” Henry)
  2. Holy Cow (Lee Dorsey)
  3. Share Your Love (Alfred Baggs, Joe Williams)
  4. Mystery Train (Junior Parker, Sam Phillips)
  5. Third Man Theme (Anton Karas)
  6. The Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
  7. The Great Pretender (Buck Ram)
  8. I’m Ready (Sylvester Bradford, Fats Domino, Al Lewis)
  9. Saved (Leiber and Stoller)
  10. A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)

While “Moondog Matinee” wasn’t as commercially successful as some of their earlier works, it showcases The Band’s musical versatility and their ability to reinterpret classic tunes in their unique style.

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