Hudgens: Consider travel insurance on next trip

ATLANTA – Natural disasters and cancelled flights can can spell disaster for travel plans.

But, they don’t necessarily have to result in lost money.

According to a number of experts, travel insurance can help protect travelers from losing out on non-refundable travel costs – i.e. airfare and hotel expenses. In addition, some travel insurance helps protect against losses stemming from medical emergencies, damage to personal property and, in extreme cases, death.

“Whether your family is headed somewhere within the United States or overseas, travel insurance can protect against possible financial losses if you are forced to cancel, delay or interrupt your vacation,” Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said in a news release.

Hudgens’ office offers up the following warnings against possible fraudulent policies:

  • The insurance is advertised through blast faxes, spam e-mails, internet pop-ups or signs posted on telephone poles.
  • The company claims you can save a considerable amount on travel insurance.
  • The company uses high-pressure marketing and an extreme sense of urgency, telling you that you “must act now” or “this one-time offer.”
  • If something seems too good to be true, it probably is


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