Hot Takes

Where there’s a train…

…there’s a way. The Taieri George Railway (today Dunedin Railways) operates along the former Otago Central Railway. It departs from the historic Dunedin Railway station, the city’s fourth railroad station. It opened in 1906. Of course, throw in a flat white and the opportunity for railfanning, and we might as well call this paradise!

Hot Takes

I visit New Zealand for the…

Some people go to New Zealand for the wine. Maybe a hike to take in the views. The food? Sure! Some might even go for the heritage. Me? I’m here for the trains! Here, a class DSG locomotives passes the historic Dunedin railway station in the heart of this heritage city.

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Hot Takes

Small Town Talkin’

We pulled into Jesup, Ga., looking for a place to eat and a passing train. There were no trains during the hour and a half we were in town, but there was a place to eat and plenty of historic buildings worth photographing.