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Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie, the son of folk music icon Woody Guthrie, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 10, 1947.

Growing up in a musical family, he was exposed to a rich tapestry of folk, blues, and protest music from an early age. He built on his father’s legacy with music deeply rooted in folk traditions and songs often blend storytelling with a mix of humor, social commentary, and political activism.

Guthrie rose to prominence with his debut album “Alice’s Restaurant” in 1967. The title track, “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree,” was an 18-minute narrative song that became an anti-establishment anthem during the Vietnam War era.

Guthrie’s 1972 cover of Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orleans” became one of his most successful hits.

Like his father, Guthrie has advocated for social justice and environmental causes. He has used his platform to address civil rights, anti-war sentiments, and environmental conservation issues.

In 2020, Guthrie celebrated the 50th anniversary of “Alice’s Restaurant” with a special concert tour and events. He continued to tour until 2020 when he announced his retirement from touring due to health concerns.

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