Georgia lawmaker announced two bills to strengthen consumer protections

A state lawmaker announced two bills to strengthen consumer protections under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act.

The first piece of legislation mandates that retailers ensure prices at the register are no greater than the prices displayed in the aisle or advertising.

The second measure targets misleading TV and online marketing designed to exploit vulnerable populations, especially the elderly. This legislation would prohibit misleading claims about limited inventory or short-term discount prices, shielding buyers from deceptive sales strategies.

“I intend for these bills to build on a consumer-protection focus that I began in 2023 by introducing legislation to ban car booting in the State of Georgia,” state Sen. Josh McLaurin, D–Atlanta, said in an announcement. “One reason many consumers are not getting the full benefit of a growing economy is that some predatory businesses continue to nickel and dime them unfairly. I am committed to introducing legislation that protects the public from unfair and deceptive business practices in whatever form they take, and keeping prices low.”

House Bill 119, sponsored by McLaurin in the Senate, prohibits using any immobilization device designed to restrict a vehicle’s movement and imposes a fine for violations.

Palazzo Vecchio
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