Site names San Francisco the best city for pastry lovers

In honor of National Pastry Day on Dec. 9, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Pastry Lovers.

The site measured up the 200 of the biggest U.S. cities, looking for plenty of access to highly rated bakeries and patisseries. The site also considered bakers awarded by the James Beard Foundation and patisseries recognized by Mashed.

The site named San Francisco its top city, saying the Fog City is a pastry lover’s paradise. Baghdad by the Bay has the most patisseries and coffee shops per square mile in Lawn Love’s ranking, including award-winning pastry chefs serving baked goods across the city.

San Francisco edged out New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Clarksville, Tennessee, ranked at the bottom of the list.

Palazzo Vecchio
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