Wishes for future Bootleg Series installments from Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan fans are speculating the next Bootleg Series, Vol. 14, will focus on the Blood on the Tracks sessions.

Rumored for years, an announcement about such a set could come as soon as this week.

Presuming that will indeed be the next set, I thought it would be interesting to create a wish list for future installments. Here are a few Bootleg Series sets I would like to see:

  • Supper Club: In 1993, Dylan played a series of acoustic shows at the Supper Club in New York. Professionally recorded (audio and video), sets included a mix of classic Dylan hits and interpretations of traditional folk songs.
  • A new look at the 1980s: Critics have maligned much of Dylan’s output of the 1980s, particularly the Empire Burlesque, Knocked Out Loaded and Down in the Groove albums. But, Vol. 3 of The Bootleg Series showed Dylan produced some real gems during the decade (including “Angelina,” “Blind Willie McTell” and “Someone’s Got a Hold of My Heart“). A set such as Another Self Portrait, the 10th volume of the Bootleg Series, released in 2013, could put the era in a new light, and Dylan fans on the internet had clamored for an Infidels-centric set.
  • 1974 Tour with The Band: In 1974, Dylan embarked on a tour with The Band. It resulted in the Before the Flood live album. Perhaps, it is time to reevaluate that tour. Capitol Records could do the same with The Band.
  • Rolling Thunder Revue: The Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1975-76 is perhaps the most famous of Dylan’s career and featured many guest musicians, including Joan Baez and Roger McGuinn. Rumors persist this period might be examined on the 15th volume of The Bootleg Series.
  • Never Ending Tour: Dylan has toured pretty much non-stop since 1988. His set lists have varied during the past 30 years, and his backing band has changed as well. Most of the shows have been recorded in some form or fashion, making such a set viable. Perhaps, it could focus on some of the songs Dylan has played sparingly or one time, such as “Meet Me in the Morning” on Sept. 19, 2007, in Nashville, Tenn.; “Million Dollar Bash” on Nov. 21, 2005, in London; and “Buckets of Rain” on Nov. 18, 1990, in Detroit.

The above are just a few thought starters.

Ultimately, it is hard to know for certain what might reside in the vaults. While it is fun to speculate, if the past installments of The Bootleg Series serve as a guide, the looming volumes will be enjoyable sets for the hard-core and more casual Dylan fans alike.

What sets would you like to see? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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