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Hi Fi Baby

Hi Fi Baby is Greg “Fingers” Taylor’s fifth solo album, released by Warehouse Creek Recording in 2003. The album was recorded on December 2, 2002, and December 3, 2002, at Solid Sound Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kim Wilson produced the album, and Joe Mancuso was the engineer.

  1. Hi Fi Baby
  2. Hey Little Girl
  3. Olds 98 Blues
  4. Whisper
  5. I Want My Fleetwood Back
  6. Sleeping In The Ground
  7. Angel Child
  8. Fine Little Mama
  9. Cutie Named Judy
  10. It Ain’t Easy
  11. 2x’s 9


  • Greg “Fingers” Taylor: vocals and harmonica
  • Doug Deming: guitar
  • Troy Gonyea: guitar
  • Mark Stevens: piano and B3
  • Jon Ross: bass
  • Richard Innes: drums
  • Kim Wilson: harmonica (on “Whisper” and “It Ain’t Easy”)

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