New exhibit looks at history of Staten Island

Ask any Staten Islander. The day the bridge opened, the island changed forever.

A new exhibit — “From Farm to City: Staten Island 1661-2012” — puts the 350-year history of Staten Island into a new perspective.

The exhibit, which just opened at the Museum of the City of New York, runs through Jan. 21.

According to the AP:

“There are a lot of surprises about Staten Island for people who don’t know Staten Island very well, and for Staten Islanders as well,” said chief curator and deputy director Sarah Henry.

The exhibition looks at the land uses that shaped the 59-square-mile island once known as Richmond County over a 350-year period: farming, recreation, suburban and urban mixed-use development.

“We chose case studies for each of the typologies, going through the island in space and time,” said Liz McEnaney, the exhibition’s guest curator.

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