Please Do Not Smoke While Walking

TOKYO — After wandering the streets for a bit, we walked into Mos Burger, the Japanese version of McDonald’s-like establishment, seeking a burger. This place is all the rage for Tokyo residents on the go. I ordered a spicy burger with chili on top.

After taking a look around, I realize this is nothing like a McDonald’s and can probably cater to — at most — 30 people at any one time. The drinks come in a glass with coasters, and the restaurant is run by a couple of older ladies. One of the older ladies, wearing a yellow apron, delivers our drinks first, then our burgers and fries to our table. She bows to patrons as they leave the restaurant.

A gentleman with an ice coffee sits down at the end of our eight-person table, looking as though he needed a break from a stressful day. He mutters some words to himself. I have no idea what he’s saying.

We’re hungry, and we eat our food in no time. Before long, we move on.

The restaurant was located near Kappabashi, also known as Kitchen Town. This is the place in Tokyo to buy — you guessed it — your kitchen wares. The various shops along this stretch sell everything from ceramic plates to metal tea pots to wooden bowls. They also sell plastic food — sushi, pizza…you name it. Anything you would need to run your own restaurant — sans the food — you could probably find in one of Kitchen Town’s shops.

After lunch, we took a boat tour of Tokyo, passing under several bridges and taking an alternate view of the city’s skyline. Tokyo is a modern city, and in many ways, walking the city’s streets feels as though you could be walking anywhere in the world. Though the culture is very different, and many of the things t see would only be found in Japan, at the same time it is very much like New York City, for example.

We’re about to eat dinner. As a pre-dinner snack, I’m enjoying some squid (in a beef jerky-like form and a grapefruit tasting, Smirnoff Ice-like beverage). For starters, click here to see some pictures.

More to come…

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