Local families receive donated cars

Midas Alpharetta has repaired donated cars at no cost for a pair of families working with Family Promise of North Fulton/DeKalb to rebound from situational homelessness.

The donations are part of Midas’ Project Spark, a program that helps families, first responders and veterans in need of reliable transportation. Family Promise of North Fulton/DeKalb formally handed over the keys to the vehicles during a brief ceremony on Wednesday, July 29, at Midas Alpharetta.

Under the program, donors turn over their vehicles to 1-800-Charity Cars, and Midas locations nationwide make any needed repairs before handing over the cars to the recipients, who then take ownership of a reliable car without the burden of a lease, loan or additional maintenance.

“Transportation is vital to today’s families and job seekers, and we appreciate Midas and 1-800-Charity Cars for all they do to help our families,” Andrea Brantley, executive director of Family Promise of North Fulton/DeKalb. “Getting a vehicle is expensive, and unfortunately, it is out of reach for many people today who are overcoming situational homelessness. Programs like this are invaluable to families who, with a little support, can stand on their own.”

Situational homelessness could worsen because of COVID-19, but programs like Project Spark help families overcome a key obstacle to maintaining employment. To date, Midas has repaired about 50 cars donated nationwide as part of Project Spark.

“We’re happy to have this opportunity to partner with such worthy organizations that are giving opportunities to deserving families,” said Louis Lugo, senior marketing manager for Midas. “We know the importance of reliable transportation, and we have the power to help transform lives just by fixing cars.”

1-800-Charity Cars, established in 1996, provides free donated vehicles to help struggling families as they transition to self-sufficiency. Last year, the organization gave away cars worth a combined $6.4 million.

“We know it doesn’t take much for people to find themselves in a difficult situation, and we’re proud to give a helping hand,” said Brian Menzies, CEO of The Original 1-800-Charity Cars. “This donation allows us to help even more families and give them a leg up they need in this especially difficult time.”

Family Promise of North Fulton/DeKalb has worked with 25 congregations in metro Atlanta to find permanent housing for 80 families. As a result, 178 children and 85 adults, mostly single mothers, now have a place to call home.

For more information, visit FamilyPromiseNFD.org.

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