Auckland War Memorial Museum unveils new Roll of Honour

Auckland War Memorial Museum. (Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

The Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand recently unveiled a new Roll of Honour in the World War II Hall of Memories.

The Roll of Honour was established in memory of New Zealanders who gave their lives while on operations in Bosnia, Kuwait, East Timor/Timor Leste and Afghanistan.

The private event was attended by the families of the fallen, members of the Defence Force, Auckland Returned and Services Association and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

“In all these places, New Zealand’s legacy of service is one of active commitment to peace and security,” Auckland War Memorial Museum Chief Executive David Gaimster said in a news release. “We owe a great debt to those who gave their lives upholding this cause.”

For nearly 90 years the Auckland War Memorial Museum has memorialized those who have served New Zealand and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Commemorated in the Museum’s memorial spaces are the names of those lost in South Africa, the First and Second World Wars, Korea, Malaya-Borneo and Vietnam.

The addition of this Roll of Honour located adjacent to the Korea-Malaya/Borneo-Vietnam memorial acknowledges the seventeen service personnel in New Zealand who have been lost in combat since Vietnam.

The text above this memorial reads “He rārangi ingoa mō ratou ō Aotearoa, I hinga atu ki ngā pakanga ō te Ao, hei oranga mō tātou.”

Auckland War Memorial Museum reviews the names on the Rolls of Honour every four years and makes adjustments when appropriate. This roll of honour was established with the support and kind donations of the Auckland RSA along with hard work and dedication from many, including Bruce Trethewey from Trethewey Stone who generously donated the Carrara marble and Marcus Wainwright, the project stonemason, as well as the assistance of the New Zealand Defence Force.

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