New section of Clarksville Greenway opens in Tennessee

The parks department in Clarksville, Tenn., recently opened a new section of the Clarksville Greenway.

The new one-third mile section starts roughly 2.5 miles from the Pollard Road Trailhead and continues to the rail bridge abutment beside the Red River.

The city also announced construction will soon start on a new section of the Red River Trail that includes additional scenic walking areas and a canoe and kayak access behind businesses on Kraft Street. This section of trail also will end at the rail bridge abutment on the south side of the Red River.

City officials made a grant request for construction of a new pedestrian bridge crossing the Red River to connect these two trails. This bridge will be significant from both a recreation and transportation standpoint, officials contend.

Once built, a pedestrian or bicyclist will be able to start at the Tiny Town Road and Peachers Mill Road intersection in Northeast Clarksville and travel all the way to downtown without using roadways.

Palazzo Vecchio
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