Georgia event focuses on Civil War’s Battle of Jonesboro

A costumed storyteller will tell Civil War stories at the Patrick R. Cleburne Confederate Cemetery as part of the commemoration of the Battle of Jonesboro.

Peter Bonner of Historical and Hysterical Tours, Inc. will be telling stories as part of “3 Deep in the Yard – The Pivotal Battle of Jonesboro.” Bonner will describe a more personal side of the Battle of Jonesboro through researched stories of people involved and affected by the Civil War.

“Our history is about the actions of people and so the stories told will concentrate on the soldiers, North and South, and the population of Jonesboro (200 strong) who had to endure the arrival of over 100,000 in a two-day fight that changed the course of history,” Bonner said. “This is not a glorification of war, but an acknowledgement of the human spirit and all its great and not so great moments.”

The Battle of Jonesboro, even though small compared to other battles, was pivotal because the Confederate defeat led to the supply rail lines being cut and the fall of Atlanta. The battle waged for two days close to the Warren House, which was the Union Hospital at the time. Soldiers recounted that the fighting continued until bodies were stacked three deep in the yard.

The Patrick R. Cleburne Confederate Cemetery is located at the intersection of McDonough and Johnson streets. The event is free of charge and is scheduled from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Attendees are recommended to bring a blanket or lawn chair.

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