Sushi and Beer for Breakfast?

TOKYO — From the moment we stepped off the train at the Tsukijishijo subway station, the aroma was evident. The Tsukiji Fish Market was nearby.

We wound our way through the streets, making it to the fish market. I had no idea what to expect, but what an experience. It was hectic. People hustling in every direction. There was every kind of sea creature for sale — from salmon to swordfish to sea urchin. It truly was a sight to see, though a bit gruesome at times. It’s all a part of the business. Just don’t stand in one place for too long, otherwise you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of an oncoming forklift.

We spent 30-45 minutes looking around before heading off for some breakfast — sushi and beer.

“Sushi and beer at 9 a.m.?” you say. Sure. Besides, I really had no idea what time it was or what meal I should be having.

I was fascinated by the older man preparing the sushi. He made it look so easy, his right hand constantly in a bowl of rice and his left reaching for the sushi — squid, shrimp, tuna and much more — to place on top of the rice. I imagine he’s been doing this for some time.

From there, we headed north to Ōnari and The Railway Museum to learn a little about the history of Japanese railroads. It was interesting to see how the country shifted from U.S.-built steam locomotives to the more-modern bullet trains. Though not in the museum, the newest versions raced by the rooftop viewing platform.

After the museum, if was back to Tokyo and over to Electric City. This is the place to buy electronics. The prices didn’t seem that great, but it was interesting to see. “Best Buy on crack,” is how one of my friends described several of the stores we entered. Indeed, that’s a good descriptor.

We’re taking some time off before we head to dinner. I’ll write more later.

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