Nov. 5, 2005: Day 1 in the Old Country

Nov. 5, 2005: Day 1 in the Old Country magnify

We just returned from a pretty amazing day out in Florence.

The night wrapped up with an amazing dinner at Vecchia Bettola. First there was anti-pasta, followed by pasts with an amazing vodka sauce. When it looked like the meal was over came the meat (86 euros worth). It had to be a three-pound steak. Amazing.

Saw some great old buildings in Florence. It’s pretty neat to see just how old the city is, compared to towns in the United States.

We’re going to spend much of the day tomorrow (Sunday) in Florence as well. So far, the weather has been amazing, which is good since we walk everywhere.

Check out the picture of the group in Florence.

Talk to you soon.


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