Nov. 11, 2005: Day 7 in the Old Country

On a whim, we headed to Pisa today to see none other than the leaning tower. We took a trip on a train — our third thus far and the first on a non-Eurostar train.

I thought the trip was a lot of fun. It seemed the leaning tower was by far the city’s biggest attraction. That is, there wasn’t much else to do other than admire an engineering mistake.

After spending about 30 minutes looking at the tower (and after the sun went down), we stopped for some snacks at a nearby bar. It was back to the Pisa train station to catch a train back to Florence.

Back at our home base, we went to Il Latini for dinner. It was by far the biggest meal I’ve ever had. The food kept coming — course after course. Technically, the meal only had about three courses, but every course had about three different parts to it. The platter of meat was amazing, though I must admit I’m not quite sure what I ate.

After dinner, it was off to Dolce Vita for a quick drink before calling it a night.

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