Nov. 10, 2005: Day 6 in the Old Country

Thursday brought with it a second train trip and a chance to see one of the world’s most beautiful cities — Venice (or Venezia, as it’s known by locals).

Located about three hours away from our base in Florence, Venice is amazing, if for no other reason, because there are no cars in the city. That leaves two choices for seeing the city: travel by foot or hop a boat; Venice is famous for its series of canals that connect the various parts of the city.

While I spent the day walking around Venice, I had the chance to see a great deal of the city, including Saint Mark’s Square. For lunch, we stopped at Taverna “Capitan Uncino,” a quaint restaurant with an enjoyable atmosphere.

After dining, it was off to enjoy the sights and sounds of Venice. Lest we forget, the laundry that was hanging from lines over the city’s canals. It was perhaps the quintessential sight. The weather was nice and the lighting seemed perfect for taking pictures.

We spent about six hours in Venice before heading back to the train station to catch the Eurostar back to Florence. Before we departed, we enjoyed a slice of pizza and a Coca Cola Light (similar to Diet Coke, but different).

Back in Florence, we headed to an American-style diner for dinner. It was interesting to see how Italians view American food. The food selection was to be expected — hamburgers and fries with milkshakes. To be quite frank, I have no problem sticking with the pasta and wine for dinner. And how about another three pounds of steak?

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