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Mayors of Smyrna, Georgia

1872-1873 John C. Moore
1873 R.P. Fleming
1874 Giles B. Eidson
1877 B.F. McDuffie
1880 John C. Moore
Ish Dunn
1900-1901 M.V. Ruff
1901-1906 J.T. Pace
1907 J.F. Petty
1908 J.T. Pace
1910-1911 Jake Moore
1912 W.T. Pace
1913-1917 J.W. Fuller
1918-1920 B.F. Whitney
1921 M.V. Ruff
1922-1924 John L. Pollock
1925-1926 J. Gid Morris
1927-1930 P.M. Edwards
1932 P.F. Brinkley
1933-1937 H.H. Arrington
1942-44 Charles Mayes Hamby
1945-1948 Lorena Pace Pruitt
J.M. “Hoot” Gibson
Guy Duncan
James E. Quarles
J.M. “Hoot” Gibson
1960-1961 George Kreeger
1962-1963 J.B. “Jake” Ables
1964-1969 George Kreeger
1970-1971 Harold Smith
1972-1975 John Porterfield
1976-1977 Arthur Bacon
1978-1981 Frank Johnson
1982-1985 Arthur Bacon
1985-2020 A. Max Bacon
2020-present Derek Norton
Palazzo Vecchio
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