You’ll never look at a bowling ball bag the same way again

The fourth season of HBO’s hit series the Sopranos hit stores last week. As with previous installments of the show, Season 4 delivers powerful performances, leaving fans wondering what’s next. The season – which drew great criticism from many fans who expressed disappointment in the season as a whole – features some of the most brilliant acting and writing of any on the series’ first four years.

From the start of the first episode, no time is wasted building to storylines later in the season. There is some building of later storylines, but there is action at the same time.

Following Tony Soprano and his families – one being a wife and kids and the other being the mafia – viewers watch him deal with issues – a soured economy, problems with many of his “business associates,” and a failing relationship with his therapist – as only he can.

If previous seasons started slowly and built up to the season finales, the fourth season takes a 180-degree turn. This season is like a roller coaster in some ways – it has moments of high action and the other, in between moments, when the action isn’t as intense, but the storylines are developing. In the end, it was an incredible ride, and you can’t wait to go again.

Season 4 offers more plot turns than some of its predecessors. Many of those turns can be missed with a blink of an eye. They’re subtle at times. But then again, that’s the beauty of owning the season on DVD – you can just rewind it and watch that key line again.

Overall, many fans panned this season. Why?

I started watching Season 4, not knowing what to expect – I had not seen the show when it aired on HBO. I feared I would be disappointed. But after watching five episodes in a marathon viewing session the day I bought it, my fears subsided. In fact, the show was so compelling I watched all 13 episodes twice in the first week I owned it – that’s 26 hours for anyone wondering.

All the season’s episodes are marvelous. But, the thirteenth episode is sheer brilliance.

Without spoiling the season finale for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, the 75-minute show mixes a wide array of emotions, leaving viewers wondering what Season 5 will bring. Will the family problems be resolved for the Soprano family – that’s Tony and his wife … not that “other” family – and will there be an all-out war between New York and New Jersey?

Overall, the fourth season doesn’t top the series’ second outing to garner a “Best Season” honor. But I think it rivals the first and third season for a second-place finish. Regardless, the fifth season delivers top-notch performances and on the edge of your seat drama (if there is such a thing).

To anyone who has read all those negative reviews posted on the Internet: Ignore them. I have no idea what they are about. The Sopranos Season 4 delivers.

Season 5 was supposed to be the final season of the Sopranos. However, there will be a sixth season, much to the delight of many fans. This question must be asked: It seems like the fourth season built up to one last season – i.e. a conflict with New York and marital problems for Mr. And Mrs. Soprano. Will that be a detriment to Season 5?

I doubt it.

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