Fall means football: Time for an audible

I can’t get enough football.

College, pro or junior varsity – it doesn’t matter. In fact, I don’t even care who plays – football is football. I’ll even take that rerun of a game from three weeks ago on the television at 4 a.m. I’m probably the only one that tunes in and watches.

Football could be on 24 hours a day, and I’d still find a way to be in withdrawal – it would probably come in the form of nightmares where 350-pound men, wearing pads and helmets, are chasing me. I think I need to call an audible.

So, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Madden 2000 computer game I had purchased last year. It was good entertainment, then after a while, the fun wore off, and back into the pile of games it went. Popping it into my computer, I re-installed the game and found near-endless enjoyment for weeks.

The countless games I played held me over during the week. But there was a void. The game, you see, was old – four years at that. And I was looking for something a little … newer, shall we say.

Then, like a prophecy, I saw it. It was the answer to all my problems: Madden 2002 for $2.50 plus shipping and handling. I was all about that.

The game was new, still in the wrapping. What a bargain – further proof that anything can be found on the Internet. So, I laid my money down, and a few days later, the game was in my mailbox. Within minutes, it was installed, and the game was underway. Madden 2000 was out for good. Welcome, Madden 2002.

It sounds like I’ve made the perfect case for the fact that I’m living in the past (first Madden 2000, then Madden 2002). But, no – I’ve made the perfect case that cheap entertainment is out there.

That, and there is something to feed my football addiction.

So now, instead of spending hours every night playing Madden 2000, I’m spending hours every night playing Madden 2002. The best part is, I’m getting pretty good playing football on the computer – one of those often overlooked life skills.

When the computer game disappoints – also known as: I’ve hit a three-game losing streak and can’t complete a pass for the life of me – I turn to the Internet. No, I’m not looking for good deals on Madden 2001 or Madden 2003. I’m talking about fantasy football.

Admittedly, I’m not a powerhouse in these fantasy sports leagues. I think I finished last in my previous two jaunts into the cyberspace sports world. But, this year, it was different – I was hot at the beginning of the year. I watched football on TV – you know, those real games – and refused to root for anyone’s team. I only rooted for the players on my fantasy team, hoping for the maximum number of points possible.

That was interesting when players on my fantasy team, who played on two different real teams, played against one another. Somehow, I managed to pull off four wins while netting very few points.

A win is a win.

But my streak hasn’t lasted in the cyber world. I’ve hit a slide, and now, I’m not as hot – I’ve dropped two straight. I’m looking for a quarterback. I’d be willing to trade two wide receivers and a kicker. Any takers?

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