Atlanta can be a daunting city to visit. For starters, it’s huge. You’ll likely need a car. And, the summers can be hot.

As a result, for many people, Atlanta is merely a connection point on a flight, rather than a destination. Not surprising, considering Atlanta’s very existence is linked to transportation.

The city’s location was selected not because of a river or a major body of water, but because it was at the end of a major rail line (hence the city’s original name: Terminus). But the city has a great history.

From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement to the 1996 Summer Olympics, the “Gate City” has always found itself at the forefront of global events. Despite its size and geographic footprint, it is possible to take in the city’s must-see attractions in a few short days, but it can be explored for as long as a visitor would like.

Perhaps best of all, it’s home to incredible food.


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Good Eats

Muss & Turner’s
Empire State South
Miller Union
Cooks & Soldiers

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Quotable Atlanta

Atlanta? I think it’s the greatest city anywhere I know of.Ivan Allen Jr.