What do recent events mean for travelers?

A plane flies over Chicago on July 20, 2016. (Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

ATLANTA (defeo.biz) — The news is bad.

Las Vegas. Terrorism. North Korea. Every story seems to be worse than the one that preceded it.

So, what does this mean for travelers? Will we see more security measures at hotels, airports and elsewhere? Will travel be less fun? Will fewer people travel?

It may be too early to tell. So, let us first examine the options:

  • Continue to travel as if nothing major is happening in the world
  • Travel the same amount, but keep one eye open at all times
  • Keep traveling, but maybe travel less and only to places that seem safer (but, what does that even mean anymore?)
  • Stay at home and lock all the doors

The right choice is probably a personal decision.

It has already changed

In many ways, the travel experience has already changed in recent years. Case in point: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) formed after Sept. 11, 2001, and is tasked with keeping the flying public safe.

In addition, popular tourist attractions such as Walt Disney World have started using metal detectors to check visitors and ensure they are not carrying any illicit items. Unfortunately, entering the happiest place on Earth requires decidedly unhappy experience, the cost of safety today.

What remains in store?

Recent media reports indicate more changes are looming for the travel industry. Already, casinos in Las Vegas have indicated new security measures are coming.

“Travel will continue to be fun, but it will evolve and adapt in response to the new threats you’ve identified, just as it has to all previous threats, such as 9/11, airplane hijacking, and street crime,” said Gail S. Bower, president of Bower & Co. Consulting.

Bower identified a few likely trends:

  • For some, yes, they will opt out of traveling and stick close to home in places they perceive as safe.
  • For others, virtual reality will fulfill their need for adventure.
  • In response to these threats, destinations will add new safety features to their hotels, amenities, and attractions and market with a nod to their safe amenities and low crime rates.
  • Politicians will continue to battle it out about gun control, and meanwhile smart retailers and gun manufacturers will do their own soul searching about what they sell and to whom.
  • Group travel will increase, providing an atmosphere of safety and control.
  • Technologists will create apps and devices to provide faster communication, alerting us to trouble spots and allowing travelers to notify their families that they are safe.

“Travel will not go away, but rather it will evolve in response to what customers need,” Bower added.

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