Americans taking more vacations, but spending less, survey finds

More Americans are planning to take a summer vacation, but the length of those vacations and overall budgets will decline.

That’s the upshot of a new survey conducted by Generali Global Assistance. Some of the survey’s top findings:

  • 66 percent of Americans plan to travel this summer, up five percentage points from 2016
  • Americans will go on vacation this summer for an average of 1.4 weeks, down from 1.7 weeks last year
  • U.S. travelers are dropping their budgets by 20 percent to an average $2,679
  • 41 percent of Americans said they would keep to U.S. when it came to travel this summer
  • The seaside is the favorite destination of European travelers at 63 percent, but urban locations are the most sought after for U.S. travelers this summer at 46 percent
  • During vacation, Americans are the most connected to their work, and only 56 percent will completely unplug from their job
  • Europeans are significantly better with 68 percent saying they will unplug, but that is down five percentage points from last year

“The shorter travel durations are explained by sizeable decreases in traveler’s budgets this year,” Chris Carnicelli, CEO, Generali Global Assistance North America said in a news release. “U.S. travelers are dropping their budgets by 20 percent to an average $2,679, while Europeans budgets are decreasing by 14 percent to €1,989. This is significant because budget once again ranked as the number one factor for travelers when deciding on a summer vacation location.”

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