Mixing business and pleasure while traveling

A view of South Dakota. (Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

At this point, do we really need to discuss how much COVID has affected the travel industry — and our travel plans? It seems pretty clear by now.

Trips have been postponed or canceled. In other instances, we’ve had to settle for destinations that didn’t top — or ever even make — the list.

However, it hasn’t been all bad, even if it wasn’t exactly what we would have planned under ideal circumstances.

But here we are — roughly two years into a pandemic everyone is tired of discussing.

My question is simple: What does this mean for travel?

Well, there are a few different answers to that question, depending on where you sit. My first guest on this new podcast says many people are opting to rent a house and take an extended trip, a move that allows them to mix business and pleasure.

Jonathan Wicks is the owner of Well & Good Property Services. His company provides short-term rental servicing, and he’s seen first-hand the changes in the rental market — more people are skipping the hotel and looking to stay somewhere they feel is theirs, whether it’s a rental house or apartment.


  • Intro: “Down the Line,” recorded January 27, 2019. Written by Todd DeFeo, (c) 2019 by Todd DeFeo (ASCAP). From “12 Tracks.”
  • Outro: “Don’t Know What I Can’t Explain,” recorded Fall 1999. Written by Todd DeFeo, (c) 1999 by Todd DeFeo (ASCAP). From “The Todd DeFeo Collection (1999).”

Show Notes

  • This conversation has been edited slightly to remove some brief moments of silence and snippets of dialogue for the sake of clarity.

Podcast produced by Joe Nevark.

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