Consider these items when packing for your next trip

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BELLE FOURCHE, South Dakota — Packing for a trip can be a frustrating experience, or sometimes, people don’t put much thought into it.

That’s not to say it should be an overwhelming experience, but it requires a little bit of thought. It’ll make the trip a little smoother.

Here are a few ideas for items to pack on your next trip.

Quarters for the parking meter

A lot of meters today take credit cards or have some form of pay by phone or app. But, meters in many smaller towns do not.

Make it easy on yourself. Pack a few extra quarters, and you’ll be able to park in the more convenient spot rather than circle the block looking for a lot that accepts credit.

Reusable shopping bag

Inevitably, you’ll end up with a few purchases or other items you’ll want to keep corraled while driving the rental car. A reusable shopping bag is a perfect way to do it, and it doesn’t take up much room in the checked or carry-on luggage.

Of course, you can always buy one at the first gift shop you visit and use it on your trip and have it as a souvenir when you return home.

Computer charger for the car

For better or worse, we are a connected world. Unfortunately, that means work needs may arise while on the road.

Rather than be unprepared, pick up a charger for the computer that plus into the cigarette lighter. In addition to the computer, use it to charge camera batteries and other items while on the road.

Extra sandwich/zip-top bags

Zip-top bags have many uses, and not just for containing 3-ounce toiletries for the friendly TSA checkpoint.

But, they can carry small souvenirs, such as magnets, that you pick up on your trip. But, throwing a few extra bags in your suitcase means they can be used for many purposes on a trip.

Additional packing cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to pack clothes and other items for any trip. But, an extra packing cube can be used for many reasons, from containing dirty laundry to keeping souvenirs safe and separated.

An empty one doesn’t take up much room, so consider throwing a couple additional cubes in the suitcase for packing items for the return trip.

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