Venice mayor wants to keep day-trippers from city, report suggests

The mayor of Venice, Italy, wants the power to keep day-trippers from entering the city center, a new report suggests.

Venice is one of the most historic cities in Italy, but in recent years officials have struggled with hordes of tourists. Officials and resident fear tourists are damaging the city and running their way of life.

“The solution is obvious: those who live, work or have a place to sleep in the city can enter, the others must stay away,” The Local quoted Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro as saying in an interview with Corriere.

“Our priority is to guarantee liveability for residents but also for tourists. Venice is a special city, but many haven’t yet understood this, not even in Rome,” the mayor added. “The mayor must have power to close the city off on crowded days…several ideas have been proposed to the government, we now hope they decide to help Venice.”

The city has already announced a plan to keep large cruise ships from docking in the city.

Palazzo Vecchio
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