This city is the worst when it comes to bed bugs

A view of Chicago from above.
A view of Chicago from above. (Photo by Ruth DeFeo)

Well, this is rather gross.

Orkin ranked Chicago tops in its annual Top 50 Bed Bug Cities. It marks the fourth year in a row The Windy City has led the way.

The Top 10:

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles (+2)
  3. Washington, D.C. (+11)
  4. New York (+14)
  5. Columbus, Ohio (-2)
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Detroit (-5)
  8. Cincinnati (-1)
  9. Richmond-Petersburg, Va.
  10. Baltimore (+21)

Orkin ranks cities based on the number of bed bug treatments the company serviced from January through December 2015 and after an Orkin inspection verified bed bugs were present.

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