San Francisco repaints hydrant during earthquake remembrances

(Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

San Francisco last week commemorated the 106th anniversary of the devastating 1906 earthquake.

Four people who survived the April 18, 1906, earthquake are still alive and were honored in last week’s events, according to published reports.

One of the traditions takes place at the intersection of Church and 20th streets in the Mission District.

Two days after the massive earthquake, much of San Francisco had burned, in part as a result of ruptured gas lines. Firefighters in many instances were unable to extinguish flames as fire hydrants had no water.

However, firefighters vowed to make a stand at the intersection of Church and 20th streets. Miraculously, water flowed from a fire hydrant near the intersection and every April 18, the fire hydrant receives a new coat of gold paint.

Except in 2012. According to KGO-TV, the historic hydrant was accidentally painted with silver, not gold paint, a mistake that was quickly corrected.

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