Survey: 42 percent planning to travel for holidays

Forty-two percent of Americans plan to travel for the holidays this December, down slightly compared to 45 percent that said they were planning to travel for the holidays one year ago, according to a new survey from TripAdvisor.

Among those planning to travel for the December holidays this year, 45 percent are planning to fly, while 51 percent expect to drive. Nineteen percent of travelers plan to spend more on their holiday travel this year than last, and 60 percent of travelers plan on spending the same amount. Among those traveling for the holidays this year, 22 percent said they will spend more than $2,000 on their holiday travel alone.

Sixty-six percent said the economy is not affecting their December holiday travel plans. Among the 34 percent that are factoring it in, 19 percent are not traveling and six percent are taking a shorter trip than usual. Four percent are planning to drive instead of fly and another four percent expect to stay with family or friends instead of paying for accommodations.

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