Latest Gallery Exhibit Features Theatre Design on Denison Faculty

This past Friday, “Process and Function: The Art of Theatre Design” opened in Burke Hall Art gallery.

The art exhibit features exhibits from three of Denison’s faculty members, Cynthia Turnbull, Peter Pauze, and Jeffrey M. Gress.

Cynthia Turnbull, assistant professor in the Theatre Department, focuses her set on costume designing. Through intricate style designs, she is Gall able to create costumes that give the illusion that the characters wearing the costume of from another time or place.

Peter Pauze, assistant professor in the Theater Department, exhibits some of his creations, sets that he has designed. This exhibit offers a rare glimpse into these marvelous creations, which were not created for the purpose of an exhibit.

According to Pauze, “They were never meant to be seen by anyone other than my fellow theatre artists, never intended to be viewed by the general public.”

Technical Director of the Theatre Department Jeffrey M. Gress displays his passion with an intricate system of lights that would help enhance any stage setup.

According to Gress, “My vocation and my passion are working with light.” It is Gress’s hope that his lighting will enhance the viewers’ visit to the gallery.

Turnout on the opening day was better than expected.

One attendee said, “It was great to see such splendid artwork done by professors at our own school.”

The gallery will be open daily from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. until December 11, with the exception of November 21 through November 29, when it will be closed for Thanksgiving Break.

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