Ohio Distillers Guild launches Ohio Distillery Trail

Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

The Ohio Distillers Guild is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Ohio Distillery Trail, an immersive experience that celebrates the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Ohio’s vibrant distilling community. This exciting venture promises to be a journey of discovery for spirits enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and curious minds alike.

Scheduled to launch on Wednesday, May 22, National Craft Distillery Day, the Ohio Distillery Trail will showcase the artistry, innovation, and dedication of the state’s distillers, bringing together a diverse array of unique spirits, from time-honored classics to cutting-edge creations. The trail invites visitors to embark on an unforgettable exploration of Ohio’s distilling landscape, offering an insider’s look into the craft and passion behind each bottle.

Visitors can look forward to an array of distillery experiences, from guided tours and tastings to hands-on workshops, providing an up-close and personal encounter with the distillation process.

As part of the trail, participants will receive an exclusive passport to check in at each distillery they visit. Points can be earned and redeemed for prizes.

Joe Bidinger, Secretary of the Ohio Distillers Guild and CEO of Echo Spirits Distilling Co., expressed excitement about the upcoming launch, stating, “The Ohio Distillery Trail is a celebration of the exceptional craftsmanship and innovation within our state’s distilling community. Ohio distilleries make international award-winning whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, and more. The trail is an invitation for everyone to discover the passion and dedication that go into creating each unique spirit. We believe this trail will become a must-visit destination for spirits enthusiasts across the country and a testament to Ohio’s position as a hub for craft distillation.”

For more information about the Ohio Distillery Trail and to stay updated on launch details, please visit www.ohiodistillersguild.org or follow @ohiocraftspirits on Instagram or Ohio Craft Spirits Facebook.

Below is a list of Distilleries that are currently signed up for the Trail. We will be adding more before the Trail launches!

  • 451 Spirits
  • A. M. Scott Distillery
  • BKO Distillery
  • Cleveland Whiskey
  • Doc Howard’s Distillery
  • Echo Spirits Distilling Co
  • Everwild Spirits
  • Four Dogs Distilling
  • Hayner Distilling & Importing Inc
  • High Bank Distillery Co
  • Indian Creek Distillery
  • Iron Vault Distillery
  • Lake Erie Distillery
  • M&O Spirits
  • Middle West Spirits
  • Minglewood Distilling Co
  • Motherwell Distilling Co
  • Noble Cut Distillery
  • Northern Row Brewery & Distillery
  • Pap’s Hilltop Distillery
  • River Roots Barrel Company
  • Watershed Distillery
  • Western Reserve Distillers
  • Woodstone Creek

About the Ohio Distillers Guild

The Ohio Distillers Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the craft distilling industry in Ohio. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, the guild strives to support the growth of distilleries across the state and enhance the appreciation of Ohio-produced spirits.

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