Spanish Governor’s Palace is an important Texas landmark

Spanish Governor’s Palace
The Spanish Governor’s Palace in San Antonio, Texas, as seen on April 28, 2013. (Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

SAN ANTONIO  — The Spanish Governor’s Palace is probably something of a misnomer for the modestly-sized building in the heart of San Antonio.

The building is small. It’s almost overwhelmed by the modern city that has grown up around it. But, the building is one of the most important structures in town.

That’s saying something for a city filled with important structures. The Alamo, to name just one.

The history of this structure, located near San Antonio’s modern-day city hall, dates back to when the Spanish ruled Texas. The one-story masonry and structure house is said to be the only remaining example of an 18th century aristocratic Spanish house in Texas.

Despite the building’s name, the Spanish Colonial style house was built as the residence of the commanding officer of the presidio, not for the palace for the region’s Spanish governor.

Construction on the building started in 1722. Additional rooms were added in 1749, and that date is embedded above the front door along with the insignia of King Ferdinand VI of Spain.

The building was originally constructed as protection for the nearby San Antonio de Valero Mission, better known as the Alamo, and the growing colony of San Antonio.

By the early 20th century, the building had fallen into disrepair. San Antonio voters in 1928 voted in favor of a city proposal to purchase the structure to preserve it.

Today, the interior of the building a popular backdrop for wedding and formal photos. The building may be overlook by many tourists to San Antonio, but anyone interested in history should be sure the Spanish Governor’s Palace is on the itinerary.

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