The Red Lion

Address 48 Parliament Street SW1A 2NH London Georgia United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7930 5826 Website:
Photo of The Red Lion

The Red Lion pub has a rich and fascinating history, built on the site of an old medieval tavern called the Hopping Hall, dating to 1434. Over the years, the pub changed hands and names several times before the Crown eventually purchased it in 1531.

In later years, the pub was known as The Red Lion and was a popular spot for many notable figures. One of its most famous regulars was the renowned author Charles Dickens, who frequented the pub and praised the kind-hearted landlady who ran it.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament, The Red Lion was a popular spot for British Prime Ministers. Every Prime Minister up until Edward Heath in the 1970s visited the pub, including famous names like Sir Winston Churchill and Clement Atlee.

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