Coach & Horses Mayfair

Address 5 Bruton St, London W1J 6PT London Georgia United Kingdom Website:
Photo of Coach & Horses Mayfair

The Coach & Horses Mayfair boasts a long and impressive history dating back to 1744, making it the oldest pub in Mayfair. As the only remaining establishment in this esteemed area of London that adheres to traditional pub-keeping, it stands out amidst the designer fashion houses and boutique shops. Locals and tourists flock to this exquisite pub to experience the allure of tradition. The Grade II listed building is a testament to its longevity, retaining its original features, such as cellars and an old-fashioned cold room. The bar exudes charm and character, adorned with rich, dark wood and featuring a delightful fireplace and cozy corners for patrons to unwind.

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