Ohio House passes measure supporting people of Israel, condemning terror atatcks

The Ohio House of Representatives passed House Resolution 292 yesterday, expressing the Ohio House’s unwavering support for the people of Israel and condemning the recent attacks against the State of Israel.

State Rep. Justin Pizzulli, R-Scioto County, spearheaded the resolution.

“To our friends in the Jewish community here in Ohio and around the world, we stand firmly with you against the unprovoked and vicious attack that happened on one of your holiest days of the Jewish calendar,” Pizzulli said during his floor speech. “We speak loudly against the extreme violence being carried out against innocent women, children, elderly, and families. We condemn the cowardly actions of Hamas and offer our fervent prayer that the violence will cease, the perpetrators be brought to justice, and Hamas’s reign of terror over the Gaza Strip come to an end.”

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