Survey: Road trips trendy again in 2020

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Recession? What recession. Don’t tell that to the travelers planning to take a road trip in 2020.

Road trips are trendy once again, new research finds.

There has been a 64 percent increase in road trip travel since 2015, with 62 percent of millennials planning to take one or more road trips in the next year, according to findings from Allstar Coaches.

Instagram influences the choice of destination, as 40 percent of Instagram users under 33 said the so-called Instagrammability was a top factor in selecting a vacation destination. Furthermore, nearly seven in 10 respondents (69 percent) are planning on undertaking some dangerous activity for their social feeds.

“With all of this talk about an impending recession, we were surprised to see that travel is still on the rise,” said Rob Tischler, owner of Allstar Coaches. “In fact, travel spending habits will actually increase in the year ahead. The most surprising trends are being led by Millennials.

“They are behind the increased popularity of road trips, they also take more hybrid vacations combining road and air travel, and are even using travel agents and purchasing travel insurance — a trend their Baby Boomer parents and Gen X older siblings have eschewed,” Tischler added. “But perhaps not surprising is that many of them choose their travel experiences based on how ‘Instagram-able’ it is, even partaking in risky behavior for social media street cred.”

The findings also revealed travel insurance is back. Nearly one in four travelers (23 percent) said they are planning to buy travel insurance more frequently in 2020 than they did last year, a substantial increase over the previous year’s reports.

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