Parker: Combining networks results in better networks, profitable airlines

Airline mergers have resulted in better networks and profitable airlines, U.S. Airways Chairman and CEO Doug Parker told the National Press Club today.

Parker specifically referenced mergers between United and Continental, Delta and Northwest, Southwest and AirTran, and America West and US Airways.

“All four combined airlines provide better networks and are now profitable,” Parker said, according to a transcript. “By combining complementary networks to provide more attractive and efficient service, mergers have led to increased traffic, cost reductions, and vigorous competition.

“…The benefits of this trend extend way past the bottom line: there are real advantages to combining airlines for employees, customers and communities,” Parker added. “Employees will benefit from greater job security and more long-term opportunities if they’re working for a successful airline. Customers will gain more flight options at better times to more places. And whenever two airlines combine, they open the communities that they serve to many more new travelers.”

U.S. Airways is currently working on a bid to acquire American Airlines, whose parent company has filed for bankruptcy.

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