Leaving vacation on the table? You’re not alone

A new survey by LastMinuteTravel.com finds that 45 percent of working Americans did not take full advantage of their vacation days in 2009.

In fact, 39 percent said they lost 10 or more of those days. The survey also finds that more than three-quarters (78 percent) of Americans plan to repeat this trend by leaving their paid vacation days on the table.

According to the survey, reasons for lost vacation days are that many find it difficult to take time away from work, coordinate family schedules or they cannot afford a “real vacation.”

Nonetheless, working Americans yearn for time off and fantasize about the type of vacation they would take, time and money permitting:  close to four in ten (35 percent) would choose a beach destination where they can relax and unwind; 19 percent would opt for an all-inclusive cruise; 16 percent would go to a family (theme-park) destination; and 15 percent would take a road trip across the country.

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