Parting Thoughts on Vegas

LAS VEGAS — I sit here in the Las Vegas Airport. It’s a little after 12:30 in the morning back on the east coast. I don’t care what time that makes it here.

That annoying sound of the slot machines wafts through the airport terminal’s air. I cannot escape gambling hell.

I’m a bit of a fiend for the penny slots, I’ll admit. But people, if the airport is the place where you’re trying to make your killing, then your trip must have been really bad.

I had a good time in Las Vegas visiting with old friends. That is certainly the highlight of the trip. That, along with seeing the Hoover Dam. How that thing was built 75-plus years ago still amazes me.

In the end, I lost about a dollar or two gambling. I spent a whole lot more on whatever else I could. It was worth it.

I owe one friend some money for the room. Another friend I owe $2.50, allegedly. And a third friend I owe $3 and a picture of him with a girl playing the accordion. Let me know where else I may be able to find one of those.

Worth it, indeed.

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