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The Mary Todd Lincoln House, located in Lexington, Kentucky, was the childhood home of Mary Todd, who later became the first lady and wife of the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Today, it is a museum showcasing period furniture, portraits and artifacts from the Todd and Lincoln families. Visitors can learn about the multifaceted life of Mary Todd Lincoln, from her privileged upbringing in a wealthy family that owned slaves to her later years as a grieving widow. Originally built as an inn and tavern around 1803-1806, the property was known as “The Sign of the Green Tree.” Eventually, Mary’s father, Robert Smith Todd, purchased the property for their family, and they moved into the three-story house in 1832. Mary Todd resided there until 1839, when she relocated to Springfield, Illinois. Later, after their marriage, the Lincolns returned to visit Mary’s family at the house.

578 W Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507
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