Boehner appoints two to National Women’s History Museum Commission

Donated World War II mementoes, uniforms and recruitment posters on display at the Women's Memorial museum at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., March 1, 2013. (DOD photo by Terri Moon Cronk)

Last year Congress overwhelmingly approved legislation creating a bipartisan commission to study the establishment of a National Women’s History Museum in the nation’s capital.

The legislation authorized Congressional leaders to select eight commissioners to serve and make formal recommendations to the President and Congress next year. I am honored to announce that my former colleague, the Honorable Marilyn Musgrave of Ft. Morgan, Colorado and Mrs. Kathy Wills Wright of Arlington, Virginia have accepted requests to serve as commissioners.

In her three terms in the House of Representatives, Marilyn Musgrave built a solid reputation as a capable legislator and steward of taxpayer money. Marilyn brings three decades of public service, advocacy, and fundraising ability—skills critical to shaping the Museum’s future path. Kathy Wills Wright is a native of Texas.

She is an accomplished public servant with 25 years of communications, marketing, and government relations experience. She served early in her career as the ‘ROTUS’ – Receptionist of the United States – for President George H.W. Bush and has built an outstanding reputation among her peers for her ability and collaborative spirit.

Both of these public servants will work hard to ensure that the Museum’s future governance and organizational structure are built wisely and its operation not dependent on federal appropriation. They will also work to make sure America’s story, as told from the perspective of its many great women, is presented with great care and utmost integrity.

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John A. Boehner serveed as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Elected to represent the Eighth Congressional District of Ohio for a 12th term in November 2012, John is a national leader in the drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable federal government.