White House: Travel ban would not stem Ebola risk

A Delta Connection plane approaches Port Columbus airport on Sept. 5, 2011. (Photo by Todd DeFeo / (c) 2011, 2012)

The White House continues to push back on requests for a travel ban as a precautionary measure against the spread of Ebola.

“Our position hasn’t changed, and that is that our focus is on reducing the risk to the American people, and a travel ban would not do that,” Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said Monday.

“Our top priority is the health and safety of the American people, and that’s why, right now, travelers from those countries are subjected to screening prior to departure from West Africa and they’re also subject to additional enhanced screening upon arrival in the United States,” Schultz added. “We’re going to let the science and the doctors guide our policymaking here, and it seems that without question there is agreement that a travel ban would impose — would make it harder for critically needed personnel and supplies to surge into West Africa where the problem exists.”

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