Having second thoughts about flying in the wake of Malaysia flight 370?

ST. PAUL, Minn., March 20, 2014 — The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is likely impacting some fliers’ psyches.

Given the lack of details about the disappearance of the Beijing-bound flight, it’s only natural for many fliers to be more anxious when it comes to flying the friendly skies, one expert suggests.

The flight disappeared March 8 shortly after departing from Kuala Lumpur. But, investigators aren’t sure whether the airliner crashed, was hijacked or destroyed as part of a terror plot, and a massive search for the missing plane continues.

“It’s impossible for fliers not to be more nervous than usual,” advice columnist April Masini told Sightseers’ Delight. “The unanswered questions, and the questions that the unanswered questions created, have left a lot of room for anxiety — not just among fliers, but the families of those fliers.

“Expect a lot more needy texts and phone calls with ramped up emotion among families wishing each other safe travel before take off,” Masini added. “It’s not just a polite phrase any more. It’s a sincere wish. When a plane like flight 370 goes missing and unaccounted for, for over a week, it’s important to understand that travel is mostly safe, but like anything else — including crossing an intersection — there are risks involved. This awareness makes us all grateful for what we do have and hold dear.”

Many fliers perhaps had similar apprehensions last year when the federal government raised the terror threat level amid concerns of possible al-Qaida terrorist attacks in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Fliers can do their parts by being patient, arriving early, and having proper identification — and thanking the TSA agents for being diligent when they are,” Masini said. “Grumbling is inappropriate because any extra frisking, X-raying and unpacking packed suitcases is for our own safety. In other words, don’t complain if security is ramped up — be grateful.”

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