Survey: Americans would rather take smaller vacations, rather than one big trip

Nearly three in four — 72 percent — Americans would rather take smaller vacations over the course of a year than take one big trip, according to a new survey from

In addition to the preference for shorter getaways, the survey shows Americans believe they can only afford a few of those trips; an average of 2.4 two- to five-day leisure vacations (for two people) per year.

“Results of the study show that many Americans are continuing their trend of price sensitivity this year which is resulting in a focus on shorter trips, which tend to be more affordable and easier to take,” Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Group, said in a news release. “Still, no matter long or short, travelers are also keen on getting a good deal because the more savings they score, the more trips they can afford to take. Luckily, this winter there are great experiences and great savings to a variety of destinations that are an easy drive or flight away for all of us.”

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