Survey: Barbecue a popular dish this Labor Day

(Photo by Todd DeFeo / (c) 2011)

When it comes to eating this Labor Day, it appears barbecue will be a popular dish, even if it isn’t the most quintessentially American.

A new survey from found that 84 percent of Americans plan to chow down on some barbecue during the Labor Day weekend, not surprising as nine in 10 either “like” or “love” the dish. Chicken (39 percent) is the most popular barbecue meat, followed by pork (30 percent) and beef (26 percent).

Of course, barbecue isn’t quite as quintessential as apple pie, the poll found. Twenty-eight percent of consumers named apple pie the most all-American food, followed by hamburgers (25 percent), hot dogs (20 percent) and barbecue at (17 percent).

Now, when it comes to best barbecue destinations, the survey found:

  • Texas (43 percent)
  • Memphis (24 percent)
  • North Carolina (15 percent)
  • Kansas City (13 percent)
  • Hawaii (5 percent)
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