Gas prices remain high, no relief in sight

ATLANTA – Gas prices continue to hover in the $4 per gallon range, and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight.

Nationwide, regular gas averaged $3.869 per gallon as of Tuesday evening, up from $2.854 per gallon a year ago, according to AAA. In Georgia, regular gas averaged $3.747 per gallon as of Tuesday evening, up from $2.753 per gallon a year ago.

“As long as the dollar remains weak against other currencies like the euro, oil prices will remain elevated,” Jessica Brady, a spokesperson for AAA Auto Club South, said in a news release. “It’s likely oil prices will yo-yo between $105 and $115 a barrel for the next couple weeks as various economic reports on supply and demand are released.”

Added Brady: “Retail gas prices inched up slightly last week and are expected to do the same again this week, with average increases between 1 and 5 cents, respectively.”

Still, the Car Care Council contends driving would be better than flying, even if gas prices reached $5 per gallon. The organization cites better meal options, a lack of airport parking and no waiting in security lines as rationale for its position.

“Rising ticket prices, fewer daily flights, fuller planes, limited baggage, fewer non-stops and longer layovers between connecting flights doesn’t paint a pretty picture of flying,” Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, said in a news release. “However, even with gas prices considerably higher than last year, the cost of driving is a much better deal compared with going by air.”

In Washington, there was no shortage of blame for the high gas prices.

“The pain at the pump and the debt crisis facing this nation reflect the lack of serious leadership coming from the White House and its congressional allies,” U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., said in a news release. “…The spike in gas prices and the growing concerns over a weakening dollar will have very real consequences for hard working Americans.”

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