Curaçao gives loan to Insel Air

(Photo courtesy Insel Air)

The Government of Curaçao is loaning 33 million guilders (approximately $18.4 million) to the beleaguered Insel Air, according to a Curaçao Chronicle report.

The loan, according to the report is “payable in (installments) depending on the implementation of a stabilization plan.”

The Willemstad, Curaçao-based airline was founded in 1993. The airline, according to information on its website, in 2016 offered 40 routes to 26 destinations using 18 aircraft.

In December 2016, the airline announced it is adjusting its flight schedule to curb costs. For example, the airline said it would be dropping its flight to Quito from Jan. 12 until June 19 during the low season, while its Willemstad-to-Havana flight would not fly in February and only on Monday and Saturday (instead of Monday and Friday) starting in March.

The full press release from Jan. 13 is below:

Press release: InselAir launches adjusted flight schedule

January 12, 2017. In the light of improving the on time performance and to further reduce costs InselAir will put in place an adjusted flight schedule startingJanuary, 2017. Next to downscaling operations, InselAir is also well on its way to achieve the cost savings project 2 million ANG monthly, started in October 2016. The company expects to reach this by the end of February. The adjusted flight schedule includes adjusted frequencies and, in some cases temporarily, taking out routes. 

Major changes: Quito, Valencia, Miami – Haiti
InselAir will be temporarily taking out its South American destination Quito (Ecuador) during low season, from January 12 until June 19, but has planned to re-introduce Quito in high season with a direct flight from Curacao. Furthermore, InselAir will discontinue the Miami – Port au Prince and the Curacao – Valencia operations until the start of the next high season.

Havana: day change
The Curacao – Havana route will be temporarily discontinued the whole month of February and will be flown on Monday and Saturday (instead of Monday and Friday) starting in March.

Passenger information
Passengers who have purchased a ticket to Quito or Havana or from Miami to Haiti and are affected by these changes will be contacted by our Customer Relations Team. They will be offered an alternative flight to their destination with a partner airline, may choose an alternative date or have the option to receive a full refund. InselAir is aware of the impact these changes have on its passengers and ensures an adequate handling of the affected passengers.

More information
For more information about all changes InselAir advises its passenger to visit where more information can be found.

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